Cecil Higgins Art Gallery

Our design proposal for the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery is the creation of the Bawden Studio, a room within a room which is devoted to the work of Edward Bawden

The Bawden Studio draws on the museum’s Bawden archive, which is an unparalleled collection of the work of an artist who is becoming increasingly influential beyond the world of art and design. The placement of the Bawden Studio in the centre of the large gallery allows the room to operate as three distinct spaces. This has obvious curatorial benefits as it allows discrete but related exhibitions to take place.

The outside walls of the Studio provide additional hanging space, whilst the overall spatial proposal remains clear and visually legible. Inside, the Studio will display the range of work which Bawden produced and will describe the range of creative process he was involved in. The Bawden archive being so extensive, the outer gallery will display a themed rotating exhibition examining aspects of his work.

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