Berry Street

A commercial art gallery in Clerkenwell

This project converted a printer's workshop into a commercial art gallery.

Our strategy was one of creative demolition, stripping away the layers of unnecessary materials that have progressively concealed the character of the space, and cutting rooflights and a large shop window to light the deep plan. These rooflights drop light down into the basement and into the back of the space, as well as reveal the interior of the city block to the gallery.

The project removes the whole of the facade of the gallery space and replaces it with glass bonded onto a thick steel plate that lines the new opening. The thinness of the facade accentuates and reveals the depth of the gallery space to the narrow street, providing light where one would expect darkness. This project was one of a series for a developer refurbishing a group of buildings in Clerkenwell, and bringing compliance with the DDA.

PublicArt & Culture


Mark Richardson & Co Ltd

Structural Engineer:

Alan Baxter & Partners


A Edmonds & Co Ltd

  • Publications

  • ‘Berry Street Gallery Sees the Light’, in: RIBA Journal Interiors(London, UK, Dec. 1, 2005)

  • Alun Jones, ‘Contextual Form - a Journey from Here to There’, in: Architecture Foundation Exhibition Catalogue(London, UK, Feb. 1, 2001)