Great Sutton Street Gallery

A commerical art gallery in Clerkenwell

This project involves the conversion of a former office space into a commercial art gallery. The floor plate of this gallery space is extensive, with two light wells in the far corners. We opened the gallery into one of these as a courtyard, created by placing a smooth concrete slab into the well, folding up to form an enclosure between the existing brick walls. The gallery space is connected to the street by a concrete ramp that dissolves the threshold to the public realm and makes a connection with the concrete of the courtyard. A very flat facade, with the glazing on the outside edge of the frame, reflects the street and further dissolve the threshold.

This project was one of a series for a developer refurbishing a group of buildings in Clerkenwell, and bringing compliance with the DDA.

PublicArt & Culture

Services Engineer:

Alan Baxter & Partners


A Edmonds & Co Ltd