House of Illustration

An invited design competition proposal for House of Illustration’s New River Head development

House of Illustration is the UK’s only public gallery devoted to championing and celebrating the art of illustration in all its forms, and is the brainchild of Sir Quentin Blake. This project redevelops the historic New River Head site to provide exhibition, events, education, office and retail space to create a new permanent home for House of Illustraiton. The site will ultimately become home to the Quentin Blake Collection, a body of more than 35,000 works on paper spanning Sir Quentin’s entire career.

Our project sees the site as a street of houses. It brings together each of the buildings on the site, allowing them to have their own front door, their own character and identity. It unifies access and gives the House of Illustration a whole family of buildings to occupy. We are proposing a range of spaces which are flexible, textured and intimate, responding to the scale and variety of illustration.

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